Driving Instructor Near Me

Driving Instructor Near Me

Our Kontinental Driving School is based in Noble Park, South East Melbourne. We take on customer centric manners and pledge to provide the highest quality in the field. We endeavour to ensure you gain your money's worth of value and in case if our most affordable price warranty does not hold to your utmost expectations, we shall immediately seek feedbacks to rectify the situation with customers.
The goal of our world-class driving instructors is to help learners understand what it takes to pass the driving tests. Each session is customised according to students’ needs and skills levels. By the time you completing the course at our school, you will have had in depth comprehension of the rules, regulations on roads, and more importantly, safe driving practices.


  • Kontinental Driving School specialises in teaching you, minimal amount of time, minimal amount of money to acquire your Victoria Driving License. ​

  • We get you behind the wheel driving time at the lowest rate in Melbourne.

  • Budget fees from only $50/lesson.

  • Focus solely on what it takes to pass the test, and more importantly how to drive safely in your lifetime.​ 

  • We offer excellent service and employ established educational procedures.