Back To School, Is Your Car Ready?

It’s already October, and you’re ready to head back to school. However, you may have forgotten to ask yourself this: is my car ready for the upcoming school term? You may be reading this and saying, “it’s just a car, why do I need to get it ready?”

Actually, there are many vital things that you should proactively beware of before you are occupied with school assignments.

Tires: Pressures Check and Tread Life

One of the foremost safety measures in driving is checking your tires. The first action to do is checking their air pressures. You should ensure all four tires are equal with each other on the same axle and within factory specifications. Most cars recommend tire pressures by labeling them on the inside of the driver’s door frame.

Once tire pressures have been checked, next please check your tread life. All tires have tread wear indicators molded into the tread grooves, as shown below. When worn down to these indicators on any part of the tire, the tire should be replaced.

Light bulbs: examine your light bulbs, replace them if damaged or old.

Imagine if you drive all the way to school and the last thing you find out is that you are having a faulty headlight. It is recommended that you should have a vehicle inspection well before any road trips, especially if your light bulbs have not been replaced in five years or more, then it is worth a time to replace them proactively so that it won’t cause any troubles to you and other drivers when you being on roads.

Oil: Change your oil

Finally, we recommend you change your oil well before heading back to school. While it is important to monitor the right time to change the oil, it is also necessary to pay attention to the type of oil that your car needs, whether it is conventional, synthetic-blend, high mileage, full-synthetic, etc.) If you are unsure of the kind of oil that your car needs, please pass by a nearby mechanic and have a chat with them.

With synthetic oil, it may allow you to drive up to 10,000 miles between changes. While you may not need an oil change today, consider planning ahead because you will get very busy the end of the year with tons of load work assignments and exams.

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