Celebrating 10 Million Mustang

When it was first launched the Ford Mustang was a revelation to the world, presenting a new spirit of freedom, and 54 years later that spirit remains intact. Keeping that same iconic nameplate throughout the last 54 years, the Ford Mustang has reached to 10 million examples today. 10 million is a vast, enormous achievement for any car.

It takes so many five-star car designers to make a car last as long as the Mustang. In fact, after five and a half decades we are only on the sixth generation, who can only seem to tell a story about how long-lived each model has been. The second iteration lasted just for five years after being hamstrung by a series of oil crises, while the third wound at the formula had to last about 15 years.

But the Americans stood by it. They carried on buying it, even when the weight ballooned, the styling turned so bland, and the engine dropped from “muscle” to more like “mollusk.”

Why? Because the Mustang had already made its landmark. It inked its identity profoundly into the US consciousness. The memory of the superb first generation kept the model afloat through lean times. It does engage in the public from time to time. In truth it is above power wars, it’s above perceived technical flaws, it’s above petty criticism. Say what you like, it doesn’t matter. The Mustang is still exceptionally cool and always will be. Even though there was a divisive third and fourth-generation, cars always have their fans.

The fact about the Mustang is that legions of people love it. It feels so good when the word, Mustang, rolls off your tongue. “I’m just going out in my Mustang.” Feel so good, right? People love it because it is a car that says something about them, something positive.

Driving a Mustang helps you prove to the world that you do value freedom, fun, and character over boring things occurring every day. It says that you’re a fascinating human being, willing to make interesting choices among a hundred sensible options.

In 1964 the Mustang did satisfy the imaginations about a car to tens of thousands of people. Till today over 54 years, that number has grown to 10 million. All this time the Mustang have never given up that faith to its customers. Your soul feels excited each time you drive the car, and the car drives so smooth that you can even hear your heart beaten inside. Mustang is a smile-maker in any language.

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