Top Formula One Cars Ever

Formula One (F1) is seen by most as the very zenith of motorsports. It is where technology, sporting spirits, and athlete’s endeavours meet up to produce the highest octane actions. F1 cars have been battling on the race track since 1950, and in the ensuing seven decades F1 fans have watched how powerful all marvellous machines show off their strengths on the races.

The followings are five of arguably the best F1 cars of all time in terms of on-track success. To avoid upsetting fans of particular cars, the list is limited to Formula 1 cars, and it is presented in chronological order rather than as a ranking.

McLaren MP4/4 (1988 Season)

Flaunting the iconic 1980’s red and white livery of McLaren, the MP4/4 was prevailing the races during the 1988 season. For that season, legendary drivers, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, have stirred the MP4/4 to 15 victories out of 16 races in the world. Those 15 victories from the MP4/4 also delivered McLaren an utterly comfortable constructor’s championship title. In fact, the team acquired three times as many points as their closest rivals in that competition.

Williams FW18 (1996 Season)

The list of the most successful F1 cars of all time cannot be complete if without the inclusion of the name Williams. One of the most traditional and seemingly perpetual Formula 1 constructors, Williams have manufactured some incredible machines over the years, but the FW18 was undoubtedly their best Formula One car ever.

Throughout the 1996 F1 season, the FW18 was headed to 12 race wins out of 16 in the Grand Prix that year. Eight of those victories were accounted for British driver Damon Hill, while his Canadian partner, Jacques Villeneuve, struck the chequered flag on four occasions.

That predominance saw Williams gather the constructor’s championship title with 175 out of a maximum 256 points, as well as Damon Hill was awarded the driver’s title and Jacques Villeneuve the second spot.

Ferrari F2002 (2002 Season)

If this were the list of the most successful team of all time in Formula One, it would be hard to find anyone to rival Ferrari. For many people, a bright red paint job and the iconic prancing horse is the first image they think about when the word Formula One spoken out, probably because Ferrari is so dominant the races. In 2002 was the unforgettable year to the team. In 2002, the Italian manufacturer did plenty of features on their car to enhance its fastness, and in that year the F2002 did live up to Ferrari’s high reputation to fans and media.

The F2002 took the legendary German driver, Michael Schumacher, to the championship title with six races to spare before the end of the season. That is the fastest that any driver has ever put the championship to bed, and in those 15 races that year where Schumacher had used the F2002, he won all but one of them. And Ferrari, too, won the constructors’ championship title in that year for making the world to be seen the beautiful performances of the F2002 car.

Red Bull RB9 (2013 Season)

While Ferrari dominated the 1990s and early 2000s season, the world had not known well to the name Red Bull as during that time the team was still seen by many as a new kid on the race. Until ten years later, in 2010, the team finally introduced to the world their driver, Sebastian Vettel. And from that, 2010 – 2013, the name Sebastian Vettel had brought to Red Bull team four championship titles.

For much of the 2013 season, Vettel and his Red Bull car, RB9, were in close race with Ferrari’s driver, Fernando Alonso. But astonishingly, in each and every of the final nine races, the German won each and every one of them, which took Vettel’s total wins in 2013 to 13 and saw him win the title by a record of 155 points.

Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid (2016 Season)

The first season after Formula One introduced integrated power units with an Energy Recovery System and an internal combustion engine, the Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid utterly dominated the races in 2016. With an increased slate of 21 in Grand Prix 2016, Mercedes won all but two of them, with British driver, Lewis Hamilton, accounting for nine victories, while his teammate the German Nico Roseberg collecting ten.

Mercedes’ 19 victories and 14 other podium finishes during the season saw them take the constructor’s championship title by an all-time record of 297 points in a peerless display of dominance.

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