New Tech from Continental: Self-inflating Tyres

Not long ago, we brought you the news that Michelin and GM are collaborating to bring airless tyres to the market in 2024. And now Continental is moving in another direction confidently with its delevopment, the German company has come up with a self-inflating design tyre that they say “it is closely aligned with requirements of electric and autonomous driving.”

The concept is known as Conti C.A.R.E (stands for Connected, Autonomous, Reliable, Electrified) and the feature of this new technology is the self-inflating “Pressure Proof” system. The force generated by the turning of wheels acts on a centrifugal pump, which in turn generates compressed air. The air is then placed into the tyres to continuously maintain the maximal pressure while you can still be driving.

Continental states that any compressed air's surplus would be contained in a closed tank so that you never slip beneath the maximal pressure. This new technology would help a steady decrease in CO2 emissions, but that would cost a small increment in the average fuel consumption because you will always be driving and never stop for pumping tyres.

Since everything must be linked nowadays, therefore, C.A.R.E tires would likewise use a multitude of sensors to deliver information to drivers on things, such as: tread depth, damage possibilities, tyre temperature, and tyre pressure.

Will this type of self-inflating tyres be taking over the road in near future?

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